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Adding and Editing Components for Your Bio

Adding and editing Bio page components

Once you're on the Bio Edit page, it's time to start building your Bio! This page can look a bit daunting at first but it's actually quite simple to use. If you've used the scene editor before, the Bio editor is very similar.

When you start you'll see something like this:

Blank Bio Editor

So what do we do now? We add our first Bio component! Let's start with the avatar component.

To do so, click the big Add Component button is the upper left corner, then in the popup click the Avatar component like so:

Adding Avatar Component

Once you have a component added, you can drag it around the canvas to position it, or drag the corners to resize it!

If you added a component that you no longer want, you can press the X button to delete it.


You might notice that on the left side of the screen there are a whole bunch of settings pickers. You can use these to customize each component.

For example you can use the "Page Title" setting to adjust the text that is shown in the title component:

Editing title

You can also use the Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat settings to add your socials for the Social component.

For the Discord Link setting you'll want to put your entire Discord server link like so:

Discord Setting

What's cool about this one, is not only does it add a link to your discord within the social component, but now you have a custom to your discord as well!

For example say my username on Mixer is ACPixel that makes my Pixel Bio link Now if I want to link someone to my discord, I can send them ``! Isn't that cool!

You now know the basics of the Bio editor! Mess around with it until you create a page you like! you can always view the final product by clicking the Open in new tab button found just under the Add Component button!

Updated on: 11/06/2020

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