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How to set up the Captions Overlay

Setting up the Captions overlay

To get started, you want to visit your Overlays tab, click the Create New Overlay button and select the Captions overlay from the list.

Once you have created that it's time to add it as an overlay to your stream. If you need help with this you can read that help article here.

After you have added the overlay to your streaming software, open the Dashboard and click the Start Button.
NOTE: This page MUST be opened with Google Chrome due to technical limits.

This page will request access to your microphone, in order for the closed captions to work the website must be allowed to use your microphone.

If the closed captions are still not showing, try opening chrome://settings/content/microphone in Google Chrome and make sure that it has the correct microphone being used.

Updated on: 14/08/2021

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