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Uploading Files for Overlay Customization

The file uploads system

On Pixel Chat there are various situations where you would want to upload your own files to use within certain overlays. For example, you may want to use custom sounds, images, or fonts in your alerts.

The uploads system we have makes this very easy!

If you would like to upload a file, start by heading to the Uploads tab on the navigation bar.

Uploading a file here is very easy, you can either click the Upload File button, then select the file you want to upload. Or you can simply drag the file you'd like to upload and drop it within the page!

File types and limits

Pixel Chat does however only allow certain file types, and there are limits on the sizes of files. Let's go over those!

File types

The file types fall within 3 categories, Audio, Images, and Fonts.

Audio and Images are totally free to upload, however to upload and use custom fonts with your overlays, you must be a Pixel-Pro subscriber.

For Audio uploads we support:

For Image uploads we support:

And lastly for Font uploads we support:

File size limits

For free Pixel Chat accounts, each file has a limit of 2 MB

For Pixel-Pro accounts, each file has a limit of 20 MB

Once you have an asset uploaded, next time you open the selector for that type of file from within an overlays settings, your uploaded assets will show in the list!

Updated on: 14/08/2021

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