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What Comes with Pixel-Pro?

What comes with Pixel-Pro?

Pixel-Pro comes with a ton of awesome features and extra systems.


Pixel-Pro unlocks a whole bunch of new overlays for you to add to your stream. With everything from animated giveaways to end stream credits, it's a big reason to upgrade to pro.

A full list of all the overlays that you unlock with Pixel-Pro can be found here.

Beta access

With Pixel-Pro you will have access to new features that we are working on before the crowd! This means you can be ahead of the game by using things that no one else has!

Increased upload sizes

Pixel-Pro bumps your upload size up. With the free Pixel Chat accounts each upload can be 2 MB, with Pixel-Pro you can upload 20 MB files!

Custom fonts

Pixel-Pro allows you to upload and use any font you want within any of our overlays, or even on your bio page!

Direct Spotify Integration

Pixel-Pro members can directly link their Spotify account to Pixel Chat, allowing faster and more consistent updates on the Now Playing overlay.

Past stream analytics

With pro you get analytics features every professional has wished for. As soon as you go live, our system tracks every single action that happens in your stream. Beyond follows, subs, embers, and chat messages only Pixel Pro keeps detailed track of everything, not by the minute, not even by the second, but AS IT HAPPENS. Then as soon as your performance ends, we bundle up all this information into a super simple page for you to view, with easy to read graphs, and the numbers you need to know about. With this system you can look back on your last 50 streams and get the most detailed information about them possible. With numbers, graphs, and a FULL event list, it for sure has what you're looking for!

Updated on: 14/08/2021

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