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What is a Scene?

What is a scene?

Pixel Chat has this amazing thing called Scenes, but what are they?

Well, they allow you to take all of your created overlays, and bundle them into 1, yes ONE, browser source. You can also add Images, or external URL's to scenes!

Why is this useful?

This can be helpful for many reasons, the biggest two being:
To help keep your streaming software organized
To reduce the resource usage of power hungry browser sources


Scenes can help you keep your streaming software organized by taking what could have been 15 separate sources, and combine them all into 1 browser source.


Scenes can also help vastly with performance if your PC is taking a hit from having too many browser sources.

Every browser source you add to any streaming software is basically like opening a new Chrome window, it can use a lot of resources very quickly.

Scenes help with this by allowing you to only add one browser source, but still have all of your overlays shown on stream, by using only one browser source this can greatly improve performance!

Updated on: 14/08/2021

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