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Why does the Credits Overlay only have me on it?

Why does the Credits Overlay only have me on it?

The credits overlay is designed to be ran at the end of your stream, and will show everything that happened during the stream!

This means that if you add it, then just run the roll credits command, there won't really be anything on it since you haven't streamed while the overlay was active.

In order to make the overlay show everything that happened, you have to be sure to add the overlay to your streaming software, and keep it loaded the entire stream.

By doing this, the overlay is able to collect everything that goes on during the stream, so when it's time to wrap up it can show all of the info!

If you need help adding the overlay, we have a How do I add an overlay to my stream? article.

I did all that, but at the end of my stream there was still almost nothing on the credits.

If this is the case it likely means the overlay is either getting unloaded during the stream, or was never loaded to begin with.

In OBS and SLOBS this is usually an easy fix. First, once you have your overlay added to your ending scene, go to your main gameplay scene and click Add Source, select Browser, then click the Add Existing box. From there, find your credits source and add it to your main gameplay scene.

This will make sure that the overlay is always loaded during your stream.

The second thing to double check is that the overlay is staying loaded during scene changes. This is quite easy as well.

Start by opening the credits source properties panel in OBS/SLOBS. In this panel you will see two check boxes labeled something similar to Disable source when not visible and Reload source when it becomes visible. You want to make sure that both of these check boxes are unchecked.

This will assure that the credits overlay is loaded, and stays loaded your entire stream so that all of the stream data/info can be collected and ready for you when the stream is over!

Updated on: 21/06/2020

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