Why is the Streamathon Overlay not Going Above a Certain Time Amount?

Within the Streamathon overlays settings there are two different options for maximum times:

Streamathon settings

The difference between these can be a little bit confusing so we'll do our best to explain what each one is.

Maximum Total Time

This number is the maximum amount of time that you are willing to stream during the current streamathon. For example if you are doing a streamathon but under no circumstances want to stream for longer than 24 hours, you would set this number to 24.

Maximum Concurrent Time

This number is the maximum amount of time that you want on the timer at any given time.

For example say you're doing a streamathon where the maximum total time is set to 24 hours. This means that you are willing to stream for 24 hours. Say you set the Maximum Concurrent Time to 12 hours. This means that in total you can stream for 24 hours, but you never want the timer to be able to go over 12 hours.

This can be useful because one of the big annoyances with a streamathon is having your viewers max out the timer right at the beginning of the stream. By using the maximum concurrent time, you essentially force the users to spread out adding to the timer over time, since they will have to wait for it to get low enough under that 12 hours to add more time again. In the end you still stream 24 hours, but viewers have to stay and keep the timer at 12 hours over time.
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